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a Tiki King palm log carving
Aloha! and welcome to Tiki King, Providing the world with neat Tiki stuff since 1994. How did it all start you may ask? well, you can find out that by clicking the "Words" link below. If you came for the Tikis, take a minute to check out the Ukulele stuff. If you came for the Ukulele stuff, check out the Tiki's. Don't be shy, We are all friends here. Oh, and if you get lost, the torch or Pineapple (on most pages) will show you the way....
Tiki King's store
The Tiki King Online store
Here you can buy Tiki stuff, Ukulele's, My Music CD's, UKE Stickers, Art, Tee Shirts, and a bunch of other neat Tiki King stuff! Check it out!
Our Retail Hut in Felton!
Come visit us in person!
Tiki King's art
The Tiki King Art showcase
Paintings, carvings and more!
Tiki Kings Mindless Rambling
Tiki Kings Stories and history.
Go here to do some reading
The Tiki King Luau
Pictures! Tiki Mugs! Tiki drinks!
Go here to see what you missed!
(or to remind you of what you forgot!)
The Martiki!
Telling your fortune online since 1997
The Martiki is all knowing! Click here if you dare!
Tiki Kings 821 Club
See it in it's hayday...
Tiki King's list of links
For your surfing pleasure!
Cocktails!! Hundreds of recipies!
Tiki King says, Lets Drink! Click here to start mixing!
Tiki King cd's
Tiki King and the Idol Pleasures
Click here
to check out my Music Section.
C'mon baby, you'll dig it the most!
Tiki King news
Tiki King News.
What's going on in the Tiki King world?
don't be left wondering! find out now!
Tiki King ukulele list
The BIG List!.
Tiki Kings Ukulele "brand name" database.

Click here and see if your Uke is on it...
Tiki King's ukulele playing friends
The Ukulele Players Gallery.
A few Photos of me and some of my musician friends!
take a peek and marvel at the Stars!
Tiki King custom Ukuleles
The Tiki King Ukulele Gallery.
Here you can see pictures of Ukuleles that I own,
Some that I've built, and some that I have just
messed with artistically.
Tiki King ukulele school
Ukulele School.
Everything you wanted to know about Ukuleles, but were
afraid to ask!
Fun facts, songs, tips, charts, a lesson,
a dictionary of ukulele parts, and more!
Come on in and I'll have you up and playing in minutes.
Well, several minutes, but...
Tiki King luthier dictionary
How do you say Ukulele? The mystery is solved!
Read this and stop sounding silly!
Tiki King stuff tabs
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