OK... are you ready to do some learning? then you have come to the right place.
Tiki King's Ukulele history
Ukulele History
A short history of a small instrument.
Tiki King ukulele lesson
Ukulele lessons
Playing and stuff
Some tips to get you started, and general Ukulele information.
play along with Tiki King
Play along with Tiki King!
Streaming audio, Lyrics, and chords to some Tiki King Tunes. Grab your Ukulele, and lets play!
Tiki King gets technical
!Ukulele Details
lets get technical...
Tiki King tells you how
Ukulele "how to" section
Tips on strings, buying a Ukulele,
traveling with your Uke, and more!...
Tiki King ukulele player tools
Music "Tools" corner
Ukulele Chord charts, a downloadable transposing disk, and more!
Tiki King's luthier dictionary
Ukulele parts dictionary
Whats that little thingy in the middle of the dealy?
Here is where you can find out!
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