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Tiki King Home Page
Here is where all the Tiki and Ukulele fun starts

The Tiki King Store
Here is where you go to buy neat Tiki and Ukulele stuff. Portal to my shopping sites

Ukulele store
The Ukulele section of the Tiki King store

Tiki King Custom built Ukuleles
Information on ordering your very own Tiki King Ukulele

Tiki King Tee Shirts
shortcut to the Tiki Tee Shirts and more from Tiki Kings Cafepress Shops

Tiki King Music CD's
Here is where you can get information on My Music CD's

Tiki King online art gallery
Take a Look! Neat Tiki Art!

Words Sub-Menu
a Place to read about Tiki Kings adventures

The Tiki King Story
Learn how it all began

Mindless Rambling
Several short essays on various topics by Tiki King

Luau Menu
Your portal to the Tiki King Luau

Drink recipes from the Luau
Link description

Luau Pictures
photographic foolishness from the Tiki King Luau

About Tiki King Luau Mugs
here is the Deal...

The Luau Mugs
Pictures of Original Tiki King Tiki Mugs from each Luau

Ask the Martiki
Telling fortunes and answering those burning questions since 1999

Lounge door
Portal to Tiki Kings Tiki Bar, the 821 Lounge

Bar Photos
The usual suspects caught in the act

Links to friends of Tiki King

Tiki Kings Virtual Bartender
Hundreds of cocktail recipes, bar tips and more

Tiki Kings Music Places
Go here and hear some tunes

Tiki King and the Idol Pleasures home page
The Band! check it out!

Tiki King News
What's going on with Tiki King

Ukulele brand name Database
Over 700 Ukulele makers cataloged

Ukulele players gallery
Musician Friends of Tiki King

Ukulele Gallery
All the Kings Ukuleles...

Ukulele school
everything you always wanted to know about Ukuleles but were afraid to ask

Ukulele History
A short History of a small instrument

Ukulele lesson
will get you playing in minutes!

Sing along with Tiki King
Streaming audio, chords and Lyrics to some Tiki King songs

Technical Ukulele stuff
Lets get technical!

Ukulele playing tools
Chord charts, a free transposing wheel and more!

Lutherie dictionary
pictures and descriptions of most every part of Ukuleles and their construction

How do you say "ukulele"?
Find out here...

Tiki Kings Vespa scooter stuff
My "other" obsession, Scooters

Sam Slick: Lizard Detective<
My comic strip! Now in it's 20th year...