Tiki King recommends the following Links...

  1. Have you seen the Ukalope?

  2. Tiki King and the Idol Pleasures
    The band. Check it out!
  3. Fleamarket Music.
    "Jumpin" Jim Beloff's site. A ton of cool Ukulele stuff! Flukes, books, links and more! Go get a Fluke, you won't be sorry!
  4. Tiki Tony
    a swell guy, and a nifty artist to boot!
  5. Sam Slick: Lizard Detective.
    My Comic strip. Ukulele Playing, cocktail drinking, crime solving lizard. Humorous hard boiled detective stories with a twist!
  6. Tiki King's Vespa stuff
    home of my Vespa Scooter obsession
  7. Forbidden Island
    Ready for a sip of Paradise? Tell 'em Tiki King sent you...
  8. Smugglers Cove
    Coolest Pirate/Tiki Bar in the world...
  9. Fez-O-Rama
    where you can get a cool custom fez of your own!
  10. The Ukulele Lesson.
    A Japanese Ukulele page. here you'll find out that "The ukulele sound is never interrupt your talking of business s and whisper of lovers. Ukulele is only staying here."
  11. DuhDog.
    My pal Mad Dog. An Artist/luthier/other. If it can't be done, he'll tell you how he did it...
  12. Tiki Central
    More Tiki Talk than you can shake a Mai-Tai at.
  13. James Hill.
    Quite frankly, James has put a new definition on the word "excellence"
    Listen to him perform, and when you recover, buy his CD.
  14. Janet Klein
    Obscure, Naughty & Lovely songs from the 1910s, 20s and 30s. As charming as she is talented!
  15. Otto Von Strohiem's Tiki News
    the other Tiki King!
  16. Ukulelia!
    a four stringed paradise of ukulele stuff...
  17. Tiki Farm.
    you need Tiki Mugs? yes you do! Tell 'em Tiki King sent you!
  18. Ian Whitcomb
    Home of America's Foremost Tin-Pan Alley Man, Ukulele Virtuoso, and Grammy Award-Winning Recording Artist
  19. Graziano Ukuleles
    Tony Graziano's site. Simply put, Tony Graziano builds awesome Ukuleles. Do yourself a favor, check it out.
  20. ezFolk.com
    Richard Hefner's instructional site for banjo (bluegrass & clawhammer), folk guitar, and ukulele. Hundreds of pages of tablature, tutorials, and more to make your learning experience an enjoyable one.
  21. The freboard Journal
    Articles, interviews, rare photos, reviews and instruction centered around everyone's favorite instrument.
  22. Crazy Al's bone Productions
    Crazy Good Tiki carvings from an Adz wielding maniac! I don't know what has more energy, Al's carvings or his dancing! Check it out, and tell 'em Tiki King sent you!
  23. Tiki's by Bosko
    Good Tiki stuff! Check it out
  24. Ralph Shaw
    Ralph Shaw , AKA "King of the Ukulele" is the creator of the acclaimed teaching video: The Complete Ukulele Course. Ralph is an avid ukulele performer and teaches Ukulele currently in Canada.
  25. Top 50 Ukulele Sites Top 50 Ukulele sites
    click the logo to Check it out...

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