Tiki King's Vespa Stuff
Aloha! and welcome!
This is the online home of yet another one of my obsessions, Vespa Scooters.
How did it start you may ask? well, it is a story as old as well, for me, 1983.
I had a friend who was in a band, one day when I was at his house, another guy,
the guitar player, was outside in an old army parka, hunched over an odd looking Machine.
Drawn in by the clinking of wrenches, I asked him, "what is that?" He stood up.
"it's a 62' GS." he told me, "it's a Vespa." we started talking, and it turned
out he also had another that didn't run, but if I wanted to get it running, I could have it.
We never got that other one running, but we became good friends, and one day he said,
hey, if you like scooters, there is this movie you have to see...
(can you guess what it was?)
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