Pumpkinhead, epilogue.

About a year later, a couple of us returned to the park, but found it ransacked and decaying. The once padlocked building was now doorless, so we ventured in and found a large pentagram painted on the wall above some sort of disemboweled animal. We began to feel like it was the part of the movie where the audience was yelling "get out, get out", so we did. My Pumpkin head was gone, so it goes.
Ah, but wait...
Listen: Once upon a time some years ago, a woman I worked with was telling a story about a little Christmas theme park just off the freeway. And how as a child, she was traumatized when she saw a giant scarecrow with a big scary pumpkin for a head. "When was this?" I asked, biting my lip. "well," She said, "I was four, so it must have been 1978". I burst out laughing. "What?" she demanded "What?"

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