Pumpkinhead, continued.

We were on a Mission. We were also drunk. But there we were, wandering through the woods with only a zippo lighter providing a dim flickering light source.
"Damn!" I muttered, and shut the lighter. It was getting too hot to hold, and I had to let it cool down. We had deviated from our original task, and were looking through the old "Storybook Railroad" area, because if memory served, there was a chest of treasure in here somewhere, and well, we were Pirates after all. After a fruitless search we cursed the thieving bastards who took our treasure, and then made our way back to the main area of the park. "guys!" came a hushed voice from the darkness, "check it out" One of the pirates had found the "Alice in Wonderland" mirror maze, and the door was open. This place was basically a series of narrow mirror lined hallways with scenes from Alice behind glass walls, except now the glass and mirrors crunched like gravel under our feet, and all the figures had been decapitated.
A strange odor, like copper and decay came from the walls which were spattered with a dark substance, and to be honest, I still don't want to know what it was. We found our way out and headed towards the front gate, where under the stairs to the office resided the dressing room, and hopefully, my Head. On the way we noticed that most of the buildings were posted with signs that read "Warning! Electric Shock burglar alarm!" which seemed ludicrous, but, then again, what if? Was a giant comical fiberglass pumpkin worth a trip to the hospital, and possibly Jail? We got to the room which was once the "dressing room" and found no sign, but it was secured with a large chain and padlock. I gave the Padlock a tug, and a light came on in one of the buildings. We made a loud and obvious escape over the front gate and across the parking lot and then crouched in a ditch, smoking cigarettes, and spying back at the park, which remained silent. We decided that our next mission, was more Rum.

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