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Ukulele Playing Friends

  • James Hill. Quite frankly, James has put a new definition on the word "excellence"
    Listen to him perform, and when you recover, buy his CDs.
  • Ukulele Dick. One smooth crooner!
  • Oliver Brown Trio. It's all true. If you haven't checked out Oliver's tunes, you are missing out.
  • Ian Whitcomb Home of America's Foremost Tin-Pan Alley Man, Ukulele Virtuoso, and Grammy Award-Winning Recording Artist
  • Ralph Shaw Ralph Shaw , AKA "King of the Ukulele" is the creator of the acclaimed teaching video: The Complete Ukulele Course. Ralph is an avid ukulele performer and teaches Ukulele currently in Canada.
  • Blue Shoes The website for Peggy "Peg Leg" Reza and Douglas Johnsons band, Blue Shoes. Check out the "Aunty Uke" section
  • Michelle Kiba, Ukulele Lady! Aside from being an enchanting performer, Michelle is also a Ukulele Teacher. Check it out!
  • Janet Klein Obscure, Naughty & Lovely songs from the 1910s, 20s and 30s. As charming as she is talented!
  • T.R.U.E. The Rhonda Ukulele Experience
    Keep your eyes on this one. Rhonda's cool original tunes, accompanied by her smooth as silk vocals! take a listen, you won't regret it!

    Our Luthier Friends

  • Tony Graziano, Graziano Ukuleles: www.grazianoukuleles.com
  • Joel Eckhouse, Ernest Instruments: www.earnestinstruments.com
  • David Talsma, Talsma Stringed Instruments: : www.davetalsma.com/
  • Mike DaSilva, DaSilva Ukulele Co: www.ukemaker.com
  • Peter Hurney, Pohaku Instruments: www.pohakuukulele.com
  • Dave Means, Glyph Custom Ukuleles: www.glyphukulele.com
  • Dave Sigman, Little River Ukuleles: www.littleriverukuleles.com
  • Chuck Moore, Moore Bettah Ukuleles: www.moorebettahukes.com
  • Rick Turner, Compass Rose Ukuleles: www.renaissanceguitars.com
  • Jake Maclay, Hive Ukuleles: www.HiveUkuleles.com
  • Aaron Keim, Bean Sprout Musical Instruments: www.thebeansprout.com
  • Joe Souza, Kanilea Ukulele: www.kanileaukulele.com
  • Kenny Hill, Uke Brand Ukuleles: www.ukebrand.com

    Of Ukulele interest

  • Ukulelia! a four stringed paradise of ukulele stuff...
  • Fleamarket Music. "Jumpin" Jim Beloff's site. A ton of cool Ukulele stuff! Flukes, books, links and more!
  • DuhDog. My pal Mad Dog. An Artist/luthier/other. If it can't be done, he'll tell you how he did it...
  • The Ukulele Club of Santa Cruz Did I tell you that we rule? well, we do.
  • The Ukulele Lesson.
    A Japanese Ukulele page. here you'll find out that "The ukulele sound is never interrupt your talking of business s and whisper of lovers. Ukulele is only staying here."
  • The Banjo Ukulele Haven! A site devoted to the Banjo Uke. Whether you call it banjo uke, banjo ukelele, banjolele, or banjulele, you'll find lots of information and pictures here. Neat!
  • ezFolk.com Richard Hefner's instructional site for banjo (bluegrass & clawhammer), folk guitar, and ukulele. Hundreds of pages of tablature, tutorials, and more to make your learning experience an enjoyable one.
  • The freboard Journal Articles, interviews, rare photos, reviews and instruction centered around everyone's favorite instrument.
  • PICA The Pacific Islanders Cultural Association. Hosts of the annual Northern California Ukulele Festival
  • Sam Slick: Lizard Detective. My Comic strip. Ukulele Playing, cocktail drinking, crime solving lizard. Humorous hard boiled detective stories with a twist!