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Matel was and continues to be one of the largest toy companies in the world. Mattel made many Ukulele type instruments. The first of which was the Uke-a-doodle. They also made a large assortment of what they called "Musical Ge-Tars" These were Cartoon character themed, four string small Ukulele type toy instruments which had a small crank on the side that played an internal music box. Some examples I have seen of these were:
"Beenie and Cecil"(Song: unknown )
"Popeye" (Song: "Popeye the Sailor man")
"Yogi Bear" (Song: "Yogi Bear Theme song")
"Tom and Jerry" (Song: unknown)
"Cowboy" (Song: Red River Valley)
"Bugs Bunny" (Song:"Hail, Hail, the Gang's All Here")
"Doctor Dolittle"(Song:unknown )
"Mother goose"(Song: unknown)
Mattel also Made what it called the "Strum Fun Ge-tar" which had interchangable disks that played different songs, such as:
"Darling Clementine",
"My old Kentucky home",
"The bear went over the mountain",
"Oh! Susanna",
"Oh, where is my little dog gone",
"Jingle bells",
"The eyes of Texas",
"For he's a jolly good fellow".
None of these would be considered "Players" but have some novelty value for collectors

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