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Introduced in 2003, the FLEA ukulele has rapidly gained a dedicated following.  This uniquely pineapple shaped soprano scale ukulele is made entirely in the USA by The Magic Fluke Company, ( which also make the Fluke ) with manufacturing overseen by its designer, Dale Webb. Like it's "big Brother" the Fluke, the Flea has a solid maple neck and Australian pine top combined with a molded body and fretboard

In 2012, the Schoenhut Co. began producing a Schoenhut branded, low priced, chinese made knock-off of Magic Fluke Co.s famous Flea Ukulele Under license from Magic Fluke.

Addendum: as of 2010 I have done eighteen designs for Magic Fluke. You can see them here: www.tikiking.com/uke_Pic_Frame_Set.html

Websight: http://www.fleamarketmusic.com
Email: info@flea-mkt-music.com

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