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UKE Stickers
Do You Play the Uke? do you know someone who plays?
I am guessing you do! Then show your Pride!
I once read that, "you can not make a beautiful
sound with an instrument you are ashamed of".
I think that's true, and that's why I made these
stickers. They look just like the ones you see
on European cars, but a little smaller. They say
"UKE" and under that in smaller print, "Ukulele Player"
They are 4.25" by 2.72" oval weatherproof vinyl. They
are available by simply sending $2.00 (for each sticker)
or $20 for a dozen, along with a SASE to:
Tiki King Uke Stickers,
C/O 10924 n. 6000 W.
Highland, UTAH
I also accept Credit cards and PayPal
(use the "add to cart" button below)
as well as Money orders,
or well hidden cash.