These are patches from some of the rides/rallys I have attended, and some other assorted patches.
If they look a little rough, it's cause in most cases, they have been on my bomber
since shortly after the ride...
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San Jose Indoor Custom show, 1989

American Mayday, 1989

Monsters of Scoot, 1989

East Bay Turkey Run, 1989

Scheming Bitches Toy Run, 1990

Dawning of a new Decade, 1990

Secret Society Poker Run, 1990

Scooter Rage 5, 1991

Go Scoot Go!, 1991

Secret Society Poker Run, 1991

Worshiping The Beast, 1991

Secret Society Poker Run, 1992

Go Scoot Go!, 1992

May Madness, 1992

Scooter Rage 6, 1992

Worshiping The Beast, 1992

Scootouring 5, 1992

Scooter Rage 7, 1993

Secret Society San Diego 10th Anniversary

Italian Scooter Day at Alice's, 1994

Scooter Rage 8, 1994

Secret Society Poker Run, 1994

Scooter Rage 9, 1995

Scooter Rage 10, 1996

Scooter Rage 11, 1997

Secret Society Back Patch

Secret Society small club Patch

Vespa Pirates back Patch

Vespa Pirates first back Patch, 1989

Vespa Pirates old Patch, 1988

Vespa Pirates older Patch, 1985

Snoopy on a Lambretta

Big and small

My first patch

Nice vintage patch