Well, I guess that is it...for this story anyway. There is another one, but, are you interested? let me know... samslick@tikiking.com

A little about Sam...

One fine morning in 1986, Sam Slick slithered out from the imagination of Tiki King. (He wasn't called Tiki King back then, but that is a different story) He lit a smoke, poured a drink, and then set out on the adventures you will find in this strip.(after finishing his drink, of course) Sam was created as an insert to some letters to a friend, was supposed to run four or five strips, and then depart as mysteriously as he appeared. Sam however, had other ideas. He just kept going, and even came out with his own line of Tee-shirts, stickers and buttons. Among those who knew him, Sam was a hit. Then with out a word, Sam disappeared. He surfaced briefly in 1989, but then dropped from sight, possibly never to return. Calls went unanswered, mail came back marked return to sender but now, almost 20 years after it all began, there is a light on in the office. Sam is back, alive and well, having new adventures, and probably watching you right now... Also available complete and in book form. Sure to be a collectors item! (Provided you collect poorly drawn lizard detective comic novels)

In a recent interview, author Tiki King said:
"Can you really put a price on genius? I don't know, but the book is ten bucks. A bargain for people who usually spend twice as much..."

Oh, yeah, and even though it is a comic, it ain't for the kids! It's got violence, explosions, cigarettes, excessive drinking, innuendo, ukuleles, angry flies with machine guns, typos...

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