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Where can I try one out or hear one? Do you have any I can buy right now?
If I do, they are on the wall at Ukuleles Of Felton
Come on over!

How much do they cost?
Depends on size, woods, tuners, etc. Generally they start at about $600 for soprano, $650 for a Concert, $750 for a Tenor, and $900 for a Baritone

Do you build custom orders?
No, I no loger take custom orders.

But I really, really, want one custom built
Ok, but know that turnaround time is anywhere from 8 weeks to 2 years. Maybe longer... It depends on my schedule, the weather, lots of variables. I tour on and off as a musician 9 months out of the year, so sometimes there are long periods that I am not home to build. so, yeah, I can build you one, but no promises as to when it will be finished...

Do you do internships or take on apprentices?
Sorry, not at this time.

can I visit your workshop, or watch you build?
Sorry, not at this time.

If you have other questions, send an e-mail

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