Ukulele Do's and Don'ts

1. Do Keep your Ukulele somewhere safe when you are not playing it.
2. Don't be in the habit of just setting it down wherever. If you do, sooner or later you will sit on it or step on it, or someone else will.
3. Do keep your Ukulele clean. Wipe it down with a soft dry cloth after playing. Oils and dirt from your fingers can build up on the strings and make them sound dull. Also, sweat and grime can actually corrode tuners and frets, as well as the metal in wound strings
Also, if you spill your drink on it, clean it up right away. Some beverages can actually eat away the finish!
4. Don't leave your Ukulele in hot or damp places. Both can cause damage. If you must store it for an extended period, a good place is in it's case under your bed. Well, unless of course your bedroom is hot and damp, which is just gross...
5. Do Tune your Ukulele regularly, even if you are not playing it. Changes in tempeture and humidity can cause strings to shrink, sometimes to the point where they tear off the bridge. if it must be put in storage, where it will not be tuned regularly, slack the strings.
6. Do keep your hands and arms clean and free from excesive lotions, oils, bug repelent, creams, etc.. Some suntan lotions, sunscreens and insect repelents can damage or stain the finish, and gunk up the strings. If you need to wear oils or lotions, wash or wipe any excess from your hands and arms where they contact the Uke.

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