Tiki King Mai Tai's

Ok, so maybe I had one or three too many last night, but who's counting? I wasn't. A couple of things to remember for next time maybe: 1. Not every drink needs to be served flaming, and 2. No matter how many drinks you serve flaming, it is just not a good idea to set yourself on fire to "serve it properly". There are probably more, but I'll have to wait for the stories to get back to me. What we were drinking were modified Mai Tai's with Parrot bay instead of plain light rum and a splash of Absolute mandarin instead of triple sec. Were they good? I thought so. But then again, I am not ashamed to experiment a little when it comes to drinks. Hell, that's where we got the Sea foam Gimlet, and it's become a favorite at the 821. What's my favorite drink? Well, I always like my second... Actually, I am partial to Sapphire Martinis, (shaken) a good Negroni (yes, the red "ear wax" drink) a correctly made Rye old fashioned, Bacardi Solara (neat) and a host of single malt Scotches. I rarely order tropical drinks in bars because many Bar tenders these days have no clue (and half the time no ingredients) once you get past a Pina Colada. It is getting better, though. It's not like I am a drink snob, I mean, I can recall at least one time hanging out of the sun roof of a friends car barking like a dog, and swigging "The Club" strawberry daiquiri from a half gallon jug. But some times I think people confuse good with strong, or just new. I mean, You don't see a whole lot of people bringing Zima to parties anymore, and to be honest, I can go the rest of my life with out seeing another "screaming purple hooting orgasm-on-the-beach" drink. Why not tell it like it is and make a drink called, "someone trying to cop a feel while you throw up by the dumpster later". Maybe that's just not romantic sounding, and I guess it would be harder to sound cool suggesting it to someone, I mean, Can't ya just hear it?
Her: "Hmmm..I just don't know what would be good..."
Him: "Well, how'd ya like..."
I don't know...So, I guess I got off track with this ranting. I think I need some more coffee and a couple aspirin. The original Idea when I started writing this was to talk about Flaming Jell-O, and I'll try and write about it next time. Or I may just ramble. You never know...

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