Tiki Kings Ukulele Lesson, a new chord

Ok! So now you have learned two chords and played two songs. I think it is time for a third, because, well, three's a charm right? so we are going to learn a new chord. A little harder than a C, a little easier than a G7. What is this mysterious chord? why it's an F! and it looks like this...

You put your index finger on the E string on the first fret, and your middle finger goes on the G string on the second fret. Then strum all four strings, in one motion, from top to bottom, with the pad of the thumb of your right hand. Hey! Thats an F chord! If it sounds all buzzy and clunky, or muted, loosen up, reposition your fingers, and try again.

Since you did that so well, here is a little excercise. strum the F twice, the G7 twice, and then the C four times. When you get to the end, start over. Go through it until you can make the chord changes without pausing.

Sounds good! Ready to learn a new song? OK! well, here is another oldie you probably have heard before...

Give yourself a pat on the back! You played three songs. Now about that strumming.... Next...


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