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Tiki King's Luau Mugs...
Ok, So here is the Deal. From 1992 to 2003 I had an annual Luau. Begining in 1996, Each year I would make 50 or so limited edition Tiki Mugs. The following pictures are of the mugs of Luau's past. These are not currently available to purchase because every year they pretty much sold out. I think of the Tiki Mug as one of the last sacred objects in the Polynesian Pop world. The Tiki mug was a souvenir of your night in paradise. You drank the drink, you took home the mug. Vintage mugs are different, most of those Tiki mugs are impossible to obtain in the bars they once came from because most of those bars are gone, or no longer have Mugs. But the fact is they have a past, a memory, a feeling. I like to think my mugs are the same way. You were there, you drank the drink, you took home the mug. I may resurect these in some form in the future for "retail" sale, but ya never know... below are the various mugs, and when they were made. Click the thumbnail for a bigger picture...
Luau 1996
Luau 1997
Luau 1998
Luau 1999
Luau 2000
Luau 2001
Luau 2002
King Kukulele Mug
Skull Mouth mug
Asst. Shot mugs