The Batik Fluke
Pulling design elements from old Hawaiian shirts, the Batik Fluke captures some of that cool vintage look. I did the Art, they build the Flukes, You get a treat! The Fluke is Concert Scale scale. A fun piece of Art you can play with! These special edition Batik Flukes are nicely printed reproductions of original Artwork by Tiki King!


Optional Gigbag

PegHed Geared Tuners, add $69.00

Grip Strips, add $3.95

K & K Soundboard Transducer Pick-up, $75.00

B Band Undersaddle Pick-up with Pre-Amp,
tone and volume control, $149.00
Batik Fluke Ukulele by Tiki King

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Flukes and Fleas
Batik Fluke detail by Tiki King