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  1. Scoot Quarterly
    a quarterly Magazine devoted to coverage of all things scooter and scootering.
  2. Scoot.net
    probably the biggest archive of rally photo's and patches on the net. If it had to do with people on scooters, you can probably see it here.
  3. Just Scoot!
    My friend April's blog about, you guessed it, scooters
  4. First Kick Scooters
    I worked here in the Berkeley days, and the first years in San Francisco. Now they are at the former site of "Your Scooter Shop" Which was where I spent my early years as a Vespa Mechanic.
  5. Secret Society Scooter Club.
    Since 1983. Hosts of Scooter Rage, the longest running rally in the US
  6. Burgundy Topz Scooter Club.
    Sacramentos largest and oldest Scooter Club. Can you say Party? They can!
  7. Vespa Motorsport
    When in San Diego, stop in and say hi to my friend Max for all your Vespa Needs!
  8. Vespa club Los Gatos
    Take Rolf a bottle of Jager. Tell'em Tiki King sent you!
  9. Vespa.org
    This used to be my friend Brian's Page about his obsession with Vespa, but now it redirects to www.vespausa.com
  10. Tiki King home page
    Show me the Tiki Stuff!