The NAMM Show 2008
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New offerings from Martin. a style 3 in Cherry, a 5K and the Daisy
More offerings from Martin. An SO, a 3K and a style 3
Joseph Todaros Akulele booth
a nice Akulele at Joseph Todaro's booth.
Some Nice Ukes from Santa Cruz Guitar Company
a Nice Uke from Santa Cruz Guitar Company
another nice Uke from Santa Cruz Guitar Company
New Tiki King Designs at Fleamarket Music-Magic Fluke
New Tiki King Surf Flea
The Tiki King Barkcloth Flea
The Tiki Mug Fluke
Dale of Magic Fluke shows off a prototype Solid Body electric Fluke
The Kiwaya Booth
More Ukes at the Kiwaya Booth
Banjo Ukes from GoldTone
Mahalo Ukuleles
More Mahalo Ukuleles
Some nice Ukes from Kamaka
Stenciled Ukes from Pono
Ohana Ukuleles
Even more Ohana Ukuleles
Lots of new stuff from BugsGear/Eleuke
Tiki King with Miss EleUke
More Custom Ukes from BugsGear/EleUke
and more Custom Ukes from BugsGear/EleUke
Some Ukuleles from Ayers
A whole bunch of Kala ukuleles
Tiki King with Mike Upton of Kala
Rigk was there with his Risa Ukes
A cool solid body Baritone Uke from Risa
Some Risa solids and Elies
A row of Kala Ukuleles
Hula Beach Ukuleles
Hula Beach headstocks for reference
a National Resophonic Ukulele
Makai Ukuleles
Compass Rose
More Compass Rose
still more Compass Rose ukuleles
Wicked Tinkers setting up before NAMM

end of the tour