Tiki King's custom Ukuleles, "The Hobo Electric #2"
Play your economic blues away
with this hand made concert Ukulele,
built from a genuine cigarbox!!
Mahogany Neck, Bone nut and saddle,
Grover tuners, tie style bridge.
"Nail Head" Position markers, 15 Frets.
Great sound acoustically, or plug it
in and really rock out! The symbols
are an old form of Hobo sign language.
They would write on fences and such
to let other hobos know what to
expect in a town. Natural shellac finish

Built by Tiki King, 2011
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Tiki King Custom hobo electric cigarbox Ukulele
hobo code diagram
"The Hobo Electric Uke"
by Tiki King

from: www.tikiking.com
Ukulele, Ukelele, Ukalele, Uke!