Flowers and Monsters


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Flowers and Monsters. Tiki King, 2003

Intro: Am E7 Am E7 Am E7 Am E7 (stop)

Am            E7
My soul is a skeleton

    Am         E7                     Am
That drank too much again, and he's

            E7                Am
Carrying a crumpled hand bill

            E7                Am
Advertising good intentions

I sit in a darkened room

   Am              E7                  Am
Forgetting things I want to say to you

                       E7            Am
Things that you'll remind me to say

                    E7              C
When it's too late to say anything

            G7        C
But like I always do

                     G7                  Am        E7
I swear I'll make it up to you, and I'll bring you

            Am       E7             Am       E7  Am E7 (stop)
Flowers and Monsters,  Monsters and Flowers

Am         E7                      Am
   I stare up at the stars in the sky

                 E7                     Am
And say a little prayer for every one there

         E7               Am         E7  Am
Thanking God that you put up with me

Because sometimes I get stressed

  Am                E7
I get depressed and I get dressed

 Am               E7
I go to work and hate that life

     Am               E7          C
And bring it all home to my wife

(chorus and break)

Repeat 1st verse and 1 chorus

Outro: Am E7 Am E7 Am E7 Am E7