Drunk a thousand times


drunk a thousand times (demo).mp3
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Intro: C F C G7 (repeat)

C                         F               C
She seemed like somebody I could get to know
Thought I was lucky I was next
C                     F             C
Her kiss was cheap perfume and cigarettes
And lips warm from someone else's breath

F                                                   C-F
And when her friends said that I was their favorite
Didn't know there was a choice
And when I asked who was talking in the background

she said only listen to her voice

        C         F               G7
And now she says: why cant we be friends?

        C     F               G7
And she says: trust is just a word.

        C         F               G7
And she says: she doesn't understand,

          F                              G7
And she's polished like a banister from so many hands,
And I tell her:
                                           C          G7         C     F
I'd rather be drunk a thousand times, than sober one minute with her
C          G7         C
sober one minute with her

                    F               C
She says it's not really lying,
If you never know the truth
               F                   C
She says she'd swear on her mother dying
While I'm showing her the proof

F                                   C-F
She tells me life's about forgiving
Says she just wants one more chance
She says, if you're making up the music,

Then theres really no rules to the dance.