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The mugs wait to go out to the luau Bar.

The Spam Sushi arrives

Tiki King tends the Luau Bar, 1999

Winner of best dressed award, 1996

Luau Guests

Barbara as a Tiki

Luau Bar, 1996

The King Swings!

The Tiki Looks on...

Otto and Friends

beached mermaid (Baby Doe) gets best dressed, 97

Tiki King shows his Limbo skill

Tiki Kings Mom!

Best dressed, 98. Check out those matching vintage Disneyland "adventure land" shirts. Wow!


Limb...OW! part 2

Limb...OW! part 3

Julia Wins Limbo, 1997

Jeff sets limbo record, luau 2000

The unfair advantage!

Aaron shows how it is done

Antony practices while in line at the bar

Tiki King talks with Otto and Baby Doe

Dave is happy that it is finally his turn

Got a match?

a couple of festive looking Tikis

Anthony explains that he is totally sober

Otto makes another strike at the Coconut Bowl

The mugs wait to go out to the luau Bar, 2002.

"Lets see... this one was rum, rum, rum, uh...rum, and a squeeze of lime"

Uke players waiting to go on stage

watching the show

Tiki King serenades the upper lot

Andy Andrews, Peter Thomas and Ukulele Dick on stage at luau 2002

Tiki King on stage, 2002

Andy Gets Primitive! 2003

Martin works on a new cocktail, 2003

Martin blames it on the drinks...2003

Sandor fires up the Baritone Ukulele, 2003

Tiki King finally gets a drink, 2003

Flyer for Luau 1, 1994

Flyer for Luau 2, 1995

Flyer for Luau 3, 1996

Flyer for Luau 4, 1997

Flyer for Luau 5, 1998

Flyer for Luau 6, 1999

Flyer for Luau 7, 2000

Flyer for Luau 8, 2001

Flyer for Luau 9, 2002

Flyer for Luau 10, 2003

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